All That Homework Ain't The Torture

Hola readers! This is my second posting in a day :) I don't know why but I really want to post something in my blog, long time I never open it :b hehe

Well, too many reasons why I didn't care with my blog before. I'm a student and I'm in the last year in the high school. (backsound : pee wee gaskins "high school is almost over, go straight for your dream now....). This is a hard year with tasks and exams everyday. Yes, EVERYDAY! My reminder on handphone is full of exams schedule in a week. No time for sleep tight, never take a nap and go to bed early in the night as a result. And how about homework? I do it all in the morning, at home and school. I always come early to the school where it is still quiet enough to do the homework. Can you imagine, I bring a huge bag on my back everyday, full of books on that day (and not on that day). And everyday I always come home at 3.30 p.m. because of curriculum adaptive. All the torture haven't ended yet, I still sweep my home as my obligation. All my activities is not finished yet, after pray Maghrib, I go to the lessons course until 8.00 p.m. Are you do it everyday? ABSOLUTELY YES! Tired? Hell yeeaaaaaah!

Well, no time for me to do my homework and tasks at home, I always do it at school or in the lessons course. As the picture you see above, I know if all my homework cold talk and shout, they would asked to be done. I'm not a lazy girl, I'm happy if I can finish all the homework on the time, but there's no spirit and energy left. My brains is totally tired and need take a rest. Well, this is definitely my obligation, moreover I'm a last-year student on high school. I have to prepare it all well, because this is not about their future, even yours -___- This about MY FUTURE! I want to get the best score on the National Final Exam. I want to continue in the best university to make my parents proud of me. I want all the best! But this is too difficult, I guess I have no more energy :(

But sometimes, all that quote that I found on Tumblr and Twitter can make me realize that life is a challenge and you have to solve it all by your self. Your future is depend on how hard you effort it. Because you decide your future. All you can do now is effort it as well as you can and don't forget to pray. The result is handled by Allah. Just keep moving on and never give up, you are one step closer to get what you want :D

Byeeeee :*

We Are Social Two

Ohayou :)

Well, this is a kind of random posting but I like to share it with you. This is about us, me and my buddies. We are in our last year in high school. Exams, tasks and homework are our food everyday and it always deliver the boredom atmosphere in the class.
Here they are :) I don't want to expose the narcissistic, it's just the reflection of our foolish beside of our business in our last year. No lessons in a certain time, with our naughty instinct, run out to the canteen together and stay there until the bell ringing :b

Those are us

Besties :*

Crazyness (?)

Duo Jamur

Am I look so strange? (yes)



We hadn't ready yet :b

Those photos are taken in every empty class :D


Song of The Day


Semua yang berlalu
Telah menjadi kenangan
Dan seakan kulupakan
Karena ku tak sejalan

Dan tak mungkin ku bertahan
Meski telah ku coba
Semuanya tak berguna
Terbuang sia-sia

Dirimu di hatiku sudah terlalu lama
Biarlah ku mencoba untuk tinggalkan semua

Killing Me Inside