Woman With PMS Is More Dangerous

If you’re a boy, I’m sure you’re giggling right now by watching the picture above. Not only giggling but also agree with that deep inside your heart. How about me? Yes, me. I’m a girl and extremely support that.

Uhm, don’t determine my statement literally. I don’t really mean to stay during a week in my room with that “yellow warning” on my door. PMS is stands for Pre-Menstruation Syndrome. I am as the girl always get those kind of symptomps. And the most annoying symptomp is a mood-swing, you know, the changing of mood in sudden. Now you are in a good mood to do anything but believe me, in the next minutes, you don’t have the good mood left. All you want to do is getting mad because everything is not as fine as before, you believe that everybody makes mistakes in front of you on that day. No one right except you. If you’re a girl and you feel the same, clap your hands!

That’s why I support the picture above. But please, once again, not in literally. I mean, if you already know that you almost get your period and you feel that sympomp, please just stay away from another, don’t make a long convo with them. It is just an anticipation to avoid misunderstanding among your friends or between your boyfriend. Sometimes when you’re in a PMS phase, you’re easy to get offended, that’s why you better stay away from a long convo. Joking is allowed as long as you can handle yourself. Don’t let yourself ruin your own day with others. Some of them are understand and some of them are not, especially your boyfriend. In this phase, most of couple get in a short fighting based in the little thing and the boys with his logic don’t understand us. Poor him, they always get blamed.

The solution? Just be a sensitive person, if you realize that your girlfriend is getting mad for some unimportant things, stay away. Some of girls are don’t realize that they’re in a PMS phase so they can’t handle herself. Or perhaps you find your girlfriend not in the good mood to do anything with you, it could be the symptomp. Don’t try to launch some jokes, or you’ll face the awkward moment, they always set the pokerface up.

How about me? Am I always realize that I’m in the PMS phase? Uhm, sometimes. Hehe. Sometimes I can handle my self and sometimes I can’t. It is depend on the condition but I prefer to give my blank expression and keep silent. Or................................curse anyone that annoy me on that day, LOL.

Him: “How about have a dinner together with me?”

Me: “Oh sh*t, you wanna make me getting fat or what? I don’t get it why all the boys see the girls only by her appearance. Who do they think they are? Robert Pattinson? Antonio Banderas? Eewh.

Him: “But I just wanna ask for din....”

Me: “STFU! You are same with others.”

Him: “............”


Convo Class And Dora The Explorer

Sooo, today is my first time to come in the convo class held by Formasi, english club of university level. You know, I have a big problem to speak English fluently in front of people. Every students who come in this convo class is forced to speak up in front of the other students. Okay, this is conversation class but I feel like in the public speaking class. When the senior gave us some advices to speak fluently, I really want to say that I've already tried all his ways to make us speak up, but still no big result (for me). I always speak in front of the mirror, I laways act like a nut when I'm lonely in the room by speaking English alone. Yes! Alone! And it works only on that time, I can speak fluently in English. Then he said that we need to have a friend which good in speaking English. Yeah, I have some and I always try to act like an American when I speak to her, and it is so easy, no difficulty. But it become so different when the condition forces me to speak in front of audiences, or to the senior that more expert than me. I become so nervous, my heart beats faster, I got my hand so cold and I just speak blah blah blah. Poor me :(

And now the time for sharing my experience today in my first convo class. After introducing and warming up, the senior divided us into 5 groups and asked us to make a short drama, and every actor/actress has to speak. He only gave us 15 minutes for discussing. Thankyou -_-
After 5 minutes, we decided to take one of the Dora The Explorer's episodes as our drama. And you know what, the leader in my team picked me as Dora since I have a short hair. Thankyou very much.
I don't know why but finally we got the first turn to show our drama. Just imagine how nervous I am! But I could pass it through well, uhm, not to well I think. Because I made some blockings and spoke not too clearly, once again, those are my opinion, I don't know how the adjudicators see our team.
But in the end, the senior announced the top 3 speakers on this week and believe it or not, I got the third grade :) So happy but it doesn't make me so arrogant anyway. At least, they confess my existence in the world, hahaha, how hyperbole I am.

Okay, this is not a good ending for today's posting but, happy speaking everybody :D


Thinking Inside The Box part II

This is my second posting with the same theme, thinking inside the box. Why? Y U NO BORED? *9GAG's style*
No, this is not about the boredom it self but it is awkward to find this kind of pic while I still thinking inside the box at debate class. So, there was a debate class today in AEC and unfortunately I got the class in the same time. But the fortune was on my side tonight, the lecturer couldn't come on today's class *quickpartyontheclass*
Without a doubt, I went to the AEC basecamp and it was so crowded, wow, I never see the high enthusiasm in this debate class. Most of them are too afraid in debating and me too. Yes, I'm afraid in debating class but I always have a big willing to try something new. That's make me so extremely different with the others. Hahaha *evillaugh*

Okay, so tonight the senior gave us some extreme motions to debate, well, not too extreme for me since I often watching a good debate competition. He gave us transgender, suiciding, and pregnant student as the extreme motions. Okay it is so common in debating world but still, I couldn't deliver a deep and a good analyzing due to my habit, thinking inside the box. I'm not trying to blame my self anyway, since everything needs a process, even the diamond! But I hate how slow I am, it takes a long time for me to built a good argument. My senior has a good progress, and he said when he was a beginner, he also had a difficulty to make and deliver a good argument to the adjudicators. But I think he did it well, his team is adorable now, all of them are expert in debating. I'm proud as their junior and I don't think they proud of having a junior like me. Poor me, huhuhu :(

So, how long it takes to make me become a good debater?


Beautifully Straight

Believe me, that's me. Yeah, with the air blows my hair and my cute eyes without sunny :D
Okay, back to the reality, technically I have a short hair as the picture above but I don't have those beautiful eyes. I just found that picture at otaku Tumblr. Actually, this picture just reflects how I really want to be looked like this in a windy day, stay cute. Impossible but I bet every girls have a same wish as me. All you need is just confess that.

But in this case I don't want to spend my money on hair spa and make my hair as straight as wire, so it's still neat in every condition. My hair is beautifully straight and it is a great gift from God. Though it wouldn't blow beautifully in a windy day but thanks God, it's straight!