Sang Pemimpi, The Great Inspiration

Seems familiar with it? Yes, Sang Pemimpi, a great film with its great author, Andrea Hirata. He is not create it by his imagination, it based on his true story, his cool experiences. I have watched all of the film, first Laskar Pelangi and second, Sang Pemimpi. I watched Sang Pemimpi yesterday in the cinema. I know that is too late, but I live in Kediri, small town in East Java. You know, the newest film always come late here, sometimes I think it is better if I go to the Surabaya to watch the newest film so I'm not miss it too long. But that is just waste my money haha :D

Ok, back again, I watched it in the second week from its appear, omg, really late isn't? Wait, I have the reason if you know, based on my experience when I watched Laskar Pelangi in the first week, cinema was full of people who want to watch it too. The tickets almost sold out even! So I decide to go to cinema in the second weekend and I totally wrong about my own conclusion. The cinema was full of people, the most is children with their mommy. I can not imagine if I must go to the cinema with my mommy, haha, well I did but I never do it again since I realize that I'm adult :lol:

Sang Pemimpi, yes, by reading the title you can guess that it tells about a story of the dreamer. Ikal and his cousin, Arai always believe to their dreams, go to the Paris and get study there. To purpose their dreams, they are not only believe on their faith and spirit, they have to work hard. Mr. Balia, their teacher when they were in high school, always give them a spirit to never give up to the condition. Hmm, if you want to know the complete story, watch it by yourself :D Because I'm not talking about the synopsis of this film.

I just want to, what ya, kinda promote Sang Pemimpi, why are you have to watching this great great film. Well, Sang Pemimpi is one of the best film that made in Indonesia, where our film industry is full of kinda horor, comedy, and sometimes they pick some hot scene on that film. What a tragedy! We need a good film with a lot of moral values on it, to make young generation grow up with a new spirit, or just inspire us to make a new creation for the better future. As you can see, all of cinema in Indonesia are less from kinda film. Err, well, my name is Veny and I am 16th and you can guess that I am still in the high school with a lot of plans for the better future. And you are not student if you are not become lazy sometimes, haha just kidding but that's the real me. So diligent in the some favorite lessons but play truant in the boring class.

And here I am, after watching that great film, I have just realized, I have just thought that I have to plan my future seriously, start now of course. During my school period, I never really serious in my education, except in my elementary school, I was one of the smart student in the class but in that period. No, I do not mean to be an arrogant, I just want to share it. I really really know that my parents work hard to earn my school, so I can get what I want and to make them proud of me. But they never know what I do in the school and when they know all of my lessons score, I know that they are very disappointed of me. Now I see a lot of chances in front of me, chances to change me, chances to make them proud because of me. Sometimes all of me efforts seems so useless because I never be a winner and always a loser. After watched this film, now I realize, it is too early to say that. I am still young, just do what you can do for yourself and others. Just do not miss the chance and always believe that your dream could guide you well :))


Survey Membuktikan (New Fact)

Siapa yang belom pernah lihat kuis Super Family? (haduh kaya guru TK aja deh ckck)
Kuis yang ditayangin di ANTV itu lho, yang hostnya Darius Sinathrya. Kuis ini versi barunya kuis Family 100 yang dulu dibawain Sony Tulung.

Kenapa tiba-tiba jadi ngebahas kuis ini? Sebenernya postingan ku kali ini mau ngebahas salah satu pertanyaan yang diajuin sama Darius. Ini pertanyaan dari kuis Super Family yang tayang hari Kamis, 7 Januari 2010. Check this out :)

Darius:"Apa yang dilakukan kucing diluar rumah sepanjang malam?"

Di layar udah terpampang 5 kolom kemungkinan jawaban tertinggi. Singkat cerita, kedua peserta beserta keluarga masing-masing nggak bisa menjawab semua kemungkinan jawaban tersebut, jadi Darius membacakan kolom-kolom yang masih kosong. Kelima jawaban tersebut adalah:
1. Cari makan
2. Kawin
3. Tidur
4. Jalan-jalan
5. Pacaran
Kelima jawaban tertinggi ini didapat dari survey terhadap 100 orang. Nggak harus percaya sih, itukan hasil survey menurut orang-orang. Yang sebetulnya kita nggak tau, karena kucing sendiri yang ngejalanin itu hoho :D

Jawaban pertama kan cari makan, menurutku itu bener secara kucing itu kan hewan nocturnal. Ada yang belum tau nocturnal? Nocturnal itu hewan yang aktif pada malam hari. Bagi yang punya kucing pasti tau deh kebiasaannya yang satu itu :)

Lalu jawaban kedua, kawin. Wah yang ini kurang bisa memastikan yaa, soalnya nggak semua kucing kawin malem hari, ada yang pagi atau siang hari. Walaupun belum pernah lihat langsung (sebenarnya kurang minat juga, kan urusan pribadi mereka :lol:), tapi kita bisa tahu karena mereka ribut banget kalau lagi kawin. Mereka ngeluarin suara-suara eongan yang berisik banget, malah kaya lagi berantem gitu hehe ;p

Buat jawaban ketiga, tidur, aku pribadi setuju banget. Makhluk ini memang hobi banget tidur, anywhere pula ckck. Berdasar pengalaman, dulu aku punya kucing yang super males, tidur mulu dah, bangun-bangun minta makan. Nah dia (si kucing) sering banget tidur di meja belajarku, kadang di tumpukan buku-buku. Atau yang lebih ekstrim lagi, kadang si kucing tidur di kasurku, malah posisi keempat kakinya ngerangkul gulingku :ckck: Itu pun kalau aku berusaha mau ngambil gulingnya, dia malah makin mencengkeram pake kukunya yang tajam >_<

Untuk jawaban keempat, jalan-jalan, geli juga sih waktu ngebacanya, soalnya dalam bayanganku, si kucing kalau malem jalan-jalan ke mall (hang out). Tapi mungkin yang dimaksud si kucing keluar jalan-jalan cari mangsa atau sekadar mengunjungi daerah kekuasaannya. Who knows?

Nah jawaban terakhir yang bikin geli juga, pacaran. Lagi-lagi bayanganku aneh banget. Kucing jalan-jalan berdua, pacaran sambil menyusuri sepanjang gang sempit kenangan. Tapi Darius said that mungkin yang dimaksud pacaran disini adalah si kucing cari-cari pasangan untuk kawin. Lagian mana ada kucing pacaran?

Well, apapun itu, kita jadi tahu, kira-kira apa yang kucing-kucing itu lakukan di malam hari, bagaimana pun juga jawaban-jawaban tersebut kan berdasarkan survey, jadi bukan jawaban pribadi. Kalau aja si kucing bisa disurvey langsung, kira-kira mereka akan jawab apa ya? hehe :p


Inspired by Hot Chocolate and Mint

Just trying to mix the stuff by its color and what do you think? Do not forget that I am still beginner :D hehe

I always really want to mix the sneakers with the skirt but I never have a chance to do it. And I do not think that my mommy would like that idea :(

I add a black necklace and a black bangle to make it looks catchy hehe :)
Any advice?


Happy New Year and The Resolutions


I still remember, a year ago, how I spent my new year night by stu-dying :lol: physics in Odit's home. Yea, we were in exam, exam in the last week of 2009, GREAT!
Forget it, we are in 2010 now and I was not studying physics anymore :D

So, have you became a new person in this year? No no, you do not need to change your face into someone else. I mean new behavior, new mind, new plan, new goal, new boyfriend/girlfriend :haha:

Okay serious, some people like to make their list-to-do for new year or sometimes I called it "the resolutions". Ya! The resolutions for our future, but for what, huh? We need to mend our sins in the past, you do not want to fall in the same chasm, right? Trying to never do foolish again, all you need is change, positive changing of course. Celebrating 2010 by joining a great party but no plan for the future means nothing, useless. New year, new hope, new achievement.

Start to thinking about what you really want to gain in this year, a lot of hopes, right? Just organized it, what is the hope that you want to gain the most and pick it in the first. It could helps you be more on fire to reach it :) But do not thinking about the impossible thing that you can not do it by yourself. Ex, 2010, I have to fly with my wings, OMG, even you do not have the wings. Change it into, 2010, I have to create a new air-transportation and fly with it :) you are genius! Remember this, just because you are in the land, it does not mean you can not reach the sky :D

Got difficulty to think about what you are really want? Start with little thing. Ex, remembering all of your mistakes that you did in the past and make a promise by your own self, you will not repeat the same mistakes in this year. Maybe, do something new is a good idea, if in the past you never dare to have a different appearance among your friends, you have to do it in 2010! They are laughing on you? They are mocking on you? They do not like your different style? Whatever they say, you are you, no one can directing you, who do you think you are? :hehe, lil arrogant ok la: You are the trendsetter, they just the followers ;)

NEW STEP FOR YOUR FUTURE! NEW LEAF FOR YOUR LIFE! toeeeet.. (sound of trumpet)