You Got One New Friend

Today was so a lovely day with AEC family and Bella Mao. Who is Bella Mao?
Bella is a senior high school student from Taiwan that come to Malang. She is a cute girl with a cute pronouncation. The first time she introduced herself, I thought her name was Pei La. She has a difficulty to say "B" and "P". Maybe it's quite similar for her. Whatever, I also don't have a good pronouncation, esp in Mandarin. Kekeke~

Well, the attendance of Bella is quite surprise us, because nobody knows that she will come. Actually, our event today was Rujak Party with AEC family, celebrating the end of examination, our last gathering event before vacation. Then suddenly Nanda came with Chinese girl. Her name is Bella Mao and she is from Taiwan. Bella was so friendly, she got chummy with AEC family easily. She made a rujak sauce for the first time for us, the taste was so spicy. Good job, Bella! :D

After we took a lot of photos as documentation, we went back to the AEC basecamp with Bella Mao. She taught us Mandarin language and all of us became her students. It's quite difficult to pronounce a word in Mandarin. After that, she started to promote about Taiwan by using the powerpoint. Slide by slide, we took a look on those slides with a high enthusiasm.

Here are some photos of today. I know the first photo is kind of weirdo but I like it. :D

By the way, tomorrow is a Chinese New Year, I know I'm not good at it but "GONG XI FA CAI!!!"
May this year would bring prosperity and good fortune :D


New Habbit For New Hobby

That picture is sooooo me. It reflects me so well. Just imagine that the girl in the picture is me with the box in the head. You got what I mean?

Well, I'm that kind of that person, always thinking inside the box. I always see a problem or a case by the rules, I don't really dare to find the newest or the extreme solution. This habit is totally bad for my new hobby. Debating.

*Debating? Hellooo? Everyone do that thing, what you just called it? Hobby?*

Whatever. I’m not talking about an ordinary debate like we usually do when we keep arguing with our mommy. What I’m gonna talking about is debate competition in English. This kind of activity forces us to think outside the box. See? Outside the box. *why?* Let me make it easy for you. If you hear the word “abortion”, what would pop in your mind? Killing an innocent embrio? I guess so. I’m sure you’re not agree with this kind of action. Buuuut, what if you have to agree with it? What if you have to emphasize this statement by delivering some evidences to make it stronger? What would you do?

That’s what I’ve talked about, debating competition is teach us to see a problem not only in one side but also in other sides. That’s why, this kind of activity force me to think outside the box. Because in debate competition we always find a new and an unique problem to debate called MOTION. It could be educational problems such as, “Students are allowed to use handphone during the class” or “Homeschooling is better than public school”. Or maybe about health problem like “Marijuana is allowed since cigarette does”. Also social and culture problems such as, “Celebrate Valentine day is useless since it is not our culture as Indonesian” and “Reality shows on television help the children to grow up well”. Sounds weird? Yeah, but this is debating world. And now, I’m trying to love this activity. Actually debate is not really new for me, I know it since I was in high school but it is totally different. In high school, we don’t know about A-R-E-L (Assertion-Reason-Evidence-Link Back), A-R-E-L would help us to arrange a good speech in debate, so, at that time, we only speech and deliver the evidence to the adjudicators. *or maybe my english teacher in my school doesn’t know about A-R-E-L, so, she doesn’t tell us*

Just fyi, I’m still learning, I spell, l-e-a-r-n-i-n-g.

What would you do if you find this motion, “Everybody believes that I’m more beautiful than Dakota Fanning” *.............................................................................................................................................*

Just pretend you don’t read that motion. Thanks.


They Are Totally Normal, Just Like Us

Hello! Readers to the eaaarth. I know you can't take off your eyes now by seeing those pictures. Instead of seeing those picture, what if you compare them? Yeah, the upper and the bottom picture. Find the diferences and I give you 5 minutes. *time goes by so slowly* Well, have you done it? Ok, just keep it and start to read my posting today. First, I want to reveal their identity. *for those who don't realize them at the first sight*

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio with and without make up.

Also without: their hair professionally done, professional lighting, shadows and angles and the ever present usage of professional digital editing software such as Photoshop.

And guess what…they look normal. Just like any other woman. Unless you get all of the above mentioned perks too, it’s not fair to compare yourself to manipulated photographs of normal looking women.

Use your eyes and see that what you’re killing yourself to look like is fake and manufactured beauty. Those women look just fine without all of the bullshit they do to make them deemed socially sexy… and so do you.

And what about K-pop Idol? Are they fake too? Honestly, I'm lil bit obsessed with Korean girlband............................................ *just pretend this sentence is invisible*


(I Hope) Everything Is Alright

Hello (again) -_-

I post twice in a day, I don’t know why, maybe I’ve left this blog so long and now I miss it so damn much.

I’ve done my first Final Exam as a female college student and it was’t exciting. Because this is my first semester, I still have a short schedule of examination, 4 days, 7 subjects. First day, I faced it without any latticeworks, so I tried hard on this day, Religion and English. I finished my religion book on one night and it works, alhamdulilah. And then, English time, there were 2 parts of questions and we had to choose one of them. I decided to do the first part, it seemed so easy, easier than TOEIC test. Hahaha.

Second day, Citizenship Education and Organization Theory and Administration. These subject forced me to provide a large capacity on my brain. I had to memorize all the materials, the lecturer didn’t want to give us a latticeworks. Fine. We always find the way (evil laugh). Asking a lot of friends, trying to find the latticeworks then I did it. I could pass the second day with a little smile, well, some questions are same with latticeworks, but most of them were totally different. GRAAAWWR!!

This is the most annoying day, Taxation and Bahasa Indonesia. Well, my Bahasa Indonesia’s lecturer was a kind-hearted woman, she let us to get the latticeworks from her, we only answer it at home and memorize it. Simple. The big problem is Taxation. All the Taxation lecturers didn’t want to say anything about the questions. Seemed they’d made an agreement to not to spread the questions among the students. THANKS. IT GOT ME FRUSTATED. BUNGEE JUMPING THEN! Then, the day had come. It was a totally terrible Taxation Examination, the most difficult questions, they asked us to make an short article even!! (At least a half of folio, or more). TRIPLE GRAAAAWWR!!! MERDE!!

The last day, Accounting I. Honestly, this is my favo subject, luckily I got a super duper genius lecturer. But his assignments are annoying and force us to be a diligent student. And the problem is, the exam would take manufacturing company as one of its questions. HAA? He hasn’t given us the detail explanation of manufacturing company. He only explained the differences between manufacturing company and trading company. OHMYGOD! SAVE MY ACCOUNTING EXAMINATION :’(

I’m not sure that I’ve passed all the days well, but I’ve done my best, just don’t talk about examination anymore. I want to enjoy my days-off before the new semester begin. New semester, new subjects, new atmosphere. New buddies? I don’t think so, I still hope I would get the same class with my buddies from my old class, Sarah a.k.a Oel and Nadya a.k.a Si Anak Mulia.

Well, does anyone know how to do KRS?


This gonna be the most random posting that I ever made, uhm, maybe only in this period. Who knows someday I’ll come with another random postings. Who knows. I have a random mood, I have a random idea, simply you can call me ‘random-girl’.

So, take a look on my upper picture, then identify it. Did you get the most famous fairytale-book on it? No, I’m not talk about the mug with Marie-cat as the picture. What I want to show you is “The Tales of Beedle The Bard”, fairytale-book on the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow. I found this picture when I was Tumblring last night. I don’t know why, I heart this picture at the first sight. Perhaps the lighting of the picture makes it catchy? Or the red cupcake looks delicious? I don’t know. Who knows.

I have this book too, my friend gave it to me as my birthday gift, how lucky I am  I still remember how excited I am to receive this book, you know, I love everything about Harry Potter. It was a great birthday gift, believe me. It didn’t take a long time to finish it, good story written by J.K. Rowling. You know her style 

I took that shoot, I mean the bottom picture, when I was on eleventh grader. Then I found that old photo on my handphone. Gotta make a little change on it to make it nice.

Enjoy! Eureka!