Book Store Is Not The Only Destination

I love to read the book such as novel, manga, teenlit, lesson book even. Nerdy? Uhm, I don’t care, I do what I want to do, I do what I like, and I like to read the book.

Sadly, when I was on junior and high school, I can’t buy them. I like to go to the book store but I only staring on the bookcases, I can’t buy them. Why? No money? Noooo. Well, my parents don’t allow me to buy novel, according to them, novel makes you dull, lazy, and spend money. Oh-well-you-know-parents.

And now I live in different town with my parents, and I’m not escaping. Because my university is located in different town, and I live in the boarding house. Once in a month, my parents give me some money to make me survive in this town. They give me a right to manage the money and it is force me become thrifty. That’s why I prefer a cheap food than junk food, you know the price is totally different. But this effort turn into disaster when it comes to weekend. I always hang out at that time and you can guess what would I do. I went to the mall and entered the heaven (read: book store). I spent my money for the purple book at the first visit. Next weekend, I went to the book store because I wanted to buy Raditya Dika’s new novel, Manusia Setengah Salmon. But I couldn’t get it there, the books were sold out, fyi, all his books are best seller. Okay I was disappointed. I decided to buy another book, the green ones. Well, the purple and the green books are Louise Rennison’s. I love to read her books since I was on junior high school. It’s kind of teenlit.

Still dissapointed, I heard my friend, Sarah, want to go to the Surabaya next weekend for holiday. Chance! I asked her to buy me Manusia Setengah Salmon at there, and she was nodded. Yippie!! Happy? Sure. Guilty? Yeah, a little. Why? It is so sad how I tried to save my money by avoiding expensive food while in another side I spend it for books. Three books in a month. Imagine it! How bad I am : (

Okay, book store is not my destination anymore in the next weekend. Maybe food court..........................


Santa Claus Is Coming To Selecta


This is holiday! Christmas holiday :D Free for colleges, trying to forget a lot of tasks. And today, my new family, I don't mean that I got married yesterday. New family here is AEC, english club in my faculty. They counted me to join study excursie on UMM and after that we attacked Selecta.

Surprisingly, I met my history teacher on high school at Selecta. Little bit chit-chat then go ahead for cam-whore :D


This Blog Is Still Alive

Yesterday, my senior talked to me, "Veny! I saw your blog! Funny!"

Hah! My blog! I have a blog and long time no visit it, how could I am :( huhu. Just don't blame me anyway readers. There's always a reason behind something and I do too, okay? Seems we've had a deal, kekeke~

Well, I don't really forget my blog anyway, I just don't have a time to make a post here. Look! I don't have a time, I didn't say that I don't have an inspiration or story to share here. Inspiration? Story? I always have those kind of things LOL~

For you to know, eh, just remind you, I am a new student in Brawijaya University :) Yes, you're right! That's my new status, I'm not a high school student anymoreeeeee :D (deep inside my heart, I want my high school time so freakin' bad). Happy? Yeah but............. *there's always but after yeah -__-

As a new student in university, I have to join Ospek first. *For those are who don't know what is Ospek, you can read my previous posting, thanks* There are 4 days for the main Ospek, and it was such a tiring day. That's why, when the last day was come, we were so exited. Then our happiness turn into pieces when the committee said that Ospek would be held during 1 semester. WHAT FUCK THE ??!!

Well, this kind of activity had spent not only our money and energy but also our mental. Just stop torturing us! Why do I said that? In this activity, there are some seniors called DISMA which is stand for DISIPLIN MAHASISWA. They are consist of the chosen seniors, most of them are boys. *are they boyband?* Good question -__- They are not boyband, they are Disma. They always shouted in a harsh manner for every single mistakes that we done. As the name of their group, their aim is to make us more discipline and change our high-school mindset. Well, here is the picture of Disma :D

They use a red badge on their left hand to show their identity that they're Disma. Because most of them are boys, most of new student esp girls are crazy for them, well include me, HA to the HA. But I don't want you to call me as their fans, I just admire them for their charisma :D

Well readers, just stop talking about them. *whyyyyy?* Nothing, just prevent if one of them is stalking my blog right now :p HA to the HA to the HA LMFAO~~~ byeeee :*

Is it enough to show you that my blog still alive?


A Humble Dream For Them

Hello everybody :D
Long time no post here and I just feel like blah :p All these college preparations are so tired me up, too many files should be fulfilled on time and so on lah. LOL

Well, it is so waste my time and I don't have enough time to share something here, no inspiration rise on my mind. I just too busy to think about my new college and the Ospek. Ospek is Orientasi Mahasiswa, it's kinda activity which is hold in the beginning of the year os school or college. The activity is about introduction the college environment to all new students. Hmm, I don't wanna discuss it deeper cz today I try to forget that for a while. It gets me frustated *sigh*

Today I just want to share my humble dream *gigling* Uhm, perhaps this is not a humble dream since it needs a bunch of money, hehe. *What is it? Tell me, tell me*
Several years ago, I have ever dreamed about keeping all the wild cats. For some people, it is such an idiot dream, yeah I understand. But for me, it is a fun activity since I love them so much.

I almost forget this dream because of some reasons, but this afternoon I felt the flaming spirit on my mind *hahaha* Why oh why? Today I saw my television and I know there're some girls have the same interest like me and they're purpose it. Yes, they like cat so much and they spend their money to feeding the wild cats. As what I said before, you can't call it a humble dream but this is a precious dream if you could purpose it :p

And now I feel the flare burning my spirit. What do I do? Let me check my condition first :)
a. I don't have a job beside a student
b. High dependancy to my parents about money
c. I know everything needs money
d. I can't earn money in my age now
e. I have to focus on my study to get a better job

Seems it would be useless then I think the solutions :)
a. Manage my monthly-money as wise as possible
b. Keep some money to buy a medium sacks of cat snack
c. Divide it into some boxes, and bring one box in the bag
d. Find the cat on the road? Share a bunch of cat snack and give it to the cat
e. Do it everyday

Wahahaha, I find the solution. You know, I just think of it and I feel so happy right now. Bismillah, I hope I could purpose this humble-but-not-too-humble dream asap, LOL.


Finally I Yelled "RESULT!"

Alhamduillah :D
Big thanks to Allah SWT, my Lord.

Yes!! I passed the SNMPTN 2011. My dream came true and I got a sudden insomnia that night. You know, the announcement was appear on SNMPTN's website on 29th of June at 7 o'clock. Twas a big moment for me and for my family.
Damn! Internet Connection on my home didn't work well, it needed too many times to load the page. I was trying to understand this problem, everybody wanted to know the result at the same time and I just hoped for the best.
30 minutes later, and there was no a progress. *sigh* My father gave the solution, he asked me to go to his office, the internet connection is better than mine.
Together we went there and I felt my heart beat louder.

We were about arrived there then my mommy called my cellphone. *What's on? I hope a good news*
I click the button and be quiet, I heard a noisy on the other side then my mommy spoke loudly on the phone, "You got it!!"

I couldn't believe it then I checked it by my self. Tadaaaaa....

Alhambulillah. RESULT! Taxation Faculty of Brawijaya University. Kyaaaaaa!! :D
Twas an exciting moment on my life. You know, there were so many rivals and alhamdulillah Allah gave what I want. Thank you Allah.

What I have to do know? Let me make a list first :)
a. Don't forget to Allah
b. Just down to earth
c. Completing the requirements
d. Looking for the dormitory asap
e. Preparing all the stuffs of mine

Seems it is too late to share the happiness and I think it doesn't matter :)
Well everybody, HAPPY JULY! :D


Pretending Is Not Allowed

Impossible for us to stay together
Trying to act as usual but you take me to the fire
You're such a pathetic person
Spread the bad issue behind me
Without any reason you start to make a colony
Faking all your smiles in front me
You like me or you like me not?

If you don't like me, I am ooohkaaay with that, just don't pretend that you do


Another Stupidity of Mine

Hellooooo, too late to post something, ahuh? And I come with a random stuff to show you. It's not really important as the title did but it's just for fun.

Actually the suitable title for this is "Another Stupidity to Prove that I'm Smart". Whoaaa, how arrogance I am! Sorry, just for fun, remember the notice and don't get mad.
I found this picture on Tumblr and maximized it to make it clear. It's kinda a paper with courier font on it and twas totally terrible, just like misstyping. You wanna know the picture? Wait a minute...
Could you see it clearly? I hope so because that's the point of this posting.
You know, I read it all of sudden fluently without any trouble, just like reading a story as usual. Amazing, huh? (hahahaha, sorry, remember the keyword, JUST FOR FUN). Well, if you get any difficulties to translate this picture, I'll show how to read it well :D

Only smart people can read this
Couldn't believe that I could actually understand what I was reading. The phenomenal power of human mind, according to a research at Cambridge University, it doesn't matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be in the right place. The rest can be a total mess and you can still it without a problem. This is because the human mind does not read every letter by itself, but the word as a whole. Amazing huh? Yeah and I always thought spelling was important! If you an read this pass it on!

See? What an easy game, right? Hahahaha (laughing in villain style). Now you know how brilliant I am and you can't deny it. Well, okaaaay, skip this weird arrogance and just find the secret on what you was reading, just find how I can read it fluently. Not important? The point is not about me, this is about the new info for us, trying to enrich our knowledge.

Well, happy reading and studying and sleeping. Just want to say GOOD NIGHT!

Waiting Ain't Really Wasting

Hoyoyo long time no post here :) *Where are you going?* Just staying at home and being innocent -____-"

Weeeeeell, I can't stop thinking about the SNMPTN result on the last day of June. But, the issue says, "It will announce at 28 of June." What? What? Should I believe on that issue? And everybody says the same, my friends do even!!

I'm in waiting phase here and no one asks me to go out, enjoy the holiday. Almost die of boredom and nervous so damn. I'm too afraid to know the result but my curiosity is alive on my mind that makes me think of it all the time. Complicated. And now I suffer from shore throat and coughing all the time, great.

Things I have to do during this waiting phase :

1. Make the photoshoot with cute garments
No parents in the morning, just me and my sisters. It's the best time to pose in front of camera with cute garment and no intruder. Still on my mind because I'm lil bit lazy and I hate it. This is the best time and I shouldn't skip away. Next time, I'll back with some photos on my screen.

2. Praying
Of course, do it all the time. Bismillahirohmanirohim, I hope I could pass it through well, get the Brawijaya University as my college next so I would make my parents proud of me. I hope everybody include me, get a good news on 28 or 30 of June. Amin ya Rabb.

3. Studying
I just miss my social lessons when I was in the high school. I like to finish my sociology questions, economic questions. I still need deep-understanding on geography and history and accounting and mathematics. Fighting!!

4. Do some treatments
You know, we don't need to go to salon if we know the secret. It's not actually secret because you can browse it on Google, ask him anything not ask me. Love your body and mind and go find the secret of keeping our beauty inside and outside (no adv).

5. Blogging
Yeah! Blog is the best place for sharing anything with the limitation of course. I can't believe that I make a lot of posts in this month (it's more than any other months), as I told you before June is my waiting phase. Keep writing eh typing eh sharing!

Once again, I hope I could pass it through well and in the end I would yell together with my friends, "RESULT!". Amin ya Allah, amin.


Smokey The Noise Maker

What is Smokey? Who is Smokey? Smokey beef?

Actually, Smokey is the name of the cat. She is female and 12 y/o. Seems there is no wrong with her but for your information this cat has a wonderful voice. I didn't say that she can sing a song, amazing because she has a very noisy voice in the world.

I think you have to put on your hands to cover your ears. Smokey produce her voice until 92 decibels and it's same with the voice from Boeing 737 when it taking-off. If you are 5 meters from her, the noisy is about 80 decibels. For your information, usually, cat only produces voice until 25 decibels. Now you can imagine how noisy she is!

Ruth and Mark Adams as the owner said that Smokey's voice is dominating in their house. It can muffled television and radio voices. The only time when there's no noisy is when Smokey is sleeping.

Just imagine if you have a cat like that or your neighbor have this one. Perhaps it has a cute face and soft fur but I bet you can't stand with its voice. It is really disturb your time and make your iPod and DVD home-theater are so useless. Cats are always cute and funny, I love them so damn, just like Katty Perry does :D But I wish I won't have a noisy cat like that but I didn't expect them to be disappeared.

God, make my wish comes true, amen.


Jealousy Makes You Crazy

Astaghfirullah :0

Sepertinya baru kemarin gue posting tentang Siwon - Agnes dan sekarang ELF antar negara saling olok. I'm not really ELF, but please avoid a crack among ELFs. The accident begins on Twitter. And I was in shock to read her tweets.

She is ELF from Malaysia. Awalnya aku gak tau apa masalahnya. Then I opened her account and found some anger tweets for Indonesia. What's the problem? She said about earthquake in Indonesia, Indonesian are poor and so on. Aku gak ngerti apa yang dia bicarain. Until I found her tweet about Agnes and Siwon. Dia bilang, dia benci Siwon (katanya ELF?). Trus dia juga bilang gak suka sama Agnes Monica. According to her, Agnes is trying to seduce Siwon.

Gosh! According to me, this is just a jealousy. She doesn't like the fellowship between Siwon and Agnes. Siapa sih yg gak envy lihat persahabatan mereka? Para ELF pasti geregetan dan ngiri, bahkan gua pun envy. Envy sama bias kita tuh wajar kok karena saking nge fans nya kita sama mereka. But, you should know that we're not allowed to get jealous without any reason or silly reason like that.

Agnes and Siwon met in 2009 in the music event in Korea. It was about music achievement as I remember (just search on YouTube). Agnes won some achievements on that event and made her more famous in Asia. So, there's no doubt if there is a fellowship between Siwon and Agnes, because they're ever perform in the same stage.

Kesimpulannya, Siwon dan Agnes udah kenal lama, keakraban mereka baru diketahui media sejak ada event KIMCHI 2011 di Jakarta, dan Agnes gak mencoba ngerayu Siwon buat jadi temennya kok. Nah, kalau mau envy sih boleh-boleh aja, tapi gak perlu sampe segitunya kan? Hanya gara-gara itu sampai ngatain para ELF Indonesia -____- Sesama ELF masa saling olok-olokan sih :) Untungnya ELF Indonesia masih bisa menunjukkan etika dan gak kebawa emosi, salut buat kalian deh.

That's all, no more words about it, I just want to share my opinion :)

Fortunately, I'm Shawol :D

Stupidity In Writing An Essay

I found my recount essay when I was in the 12th grader. The theme was holiday and I didn't tell my fun holiday. I was not in the mood to write this, I didn't care about the grammar even! (actually, that's my habit but this is an assignment from my English teacher). I added a question mark on the title, I swear, no lie.

I'll share my essay and if you're more expert in English, I allow you to correct this one. Enjoy!

Holiday (?)

Holiday is a nice word that we always expect as a student. A week ago was a holiday after the examination during 2 weeks. What a stressful days! And yes, I need to take a breath, I really need holiday.

But all that plans for my holiday seemed to be fade away because of my unpleasant schedule. I had just remembered that my lessons course held a final exam simulation for its students. That was a kind of simulation for us to prepare the National Final Exam. It was held for a week with a lot of difficult materials. Every morning, I had to read my text books and repeated the materials from the previous grade. Yes, I was too lazy to open my text books at night, the movies on the television were more interesting than them.

I realize that I'm a last year student in this high school so I have to prepare it earlier before it is too late. Faithfully, I joined all the Final Exam Simulation though it was so boring. Yes, boring! All that activities had spent my relax time in the holiday. Well, perhaps I can't call it a fun holiday because there is no time for me to forget some lessons for a while. No, I don't want to forget all, just for a while, I want to refresh my brain.

*Unattractive essay I think, I need more practice -____-


I Wanna Be Your Friend

Masih inget event KIMCHI kemarin kan? Masih inget juga kan betapa senengnya waktu denger Leeteuk ngasih salam buat para ELF Indonesia pake bahasa Indonesia yang lumayan panjang. Rasanya pengan nangis aja denger dia ngomong gitu, kelihatan banget usahanya biar gak ngecewain ELF di Indonesia. Ya, seperti yang kita tahu, beberapa hari sebelum KIMCHI, Siwon diketahui berhalangan untuk hadir di acara tersebut. Dia bahkan sampai bikin video permohonan maaf dan di akhir videonya, dia bilang "Aku cinta kalian". Kalian? Siapa lagi kalu bukan ELF :)

Naaaah, ternyata Siwon ini bener-bener memikirkan para fansnya lho. Gue gak sotoy kok, ada buktinya. Tapi bukti ini malah bikin gue envy berat :( Nih, gue upload-in ya..

Kurang jelaaas? Ada versi zoom nya nih..

Ini bukan rekayasa lho, gue dapet dari twitternya Agnes Monica. Iya, Agnes Monica, gak salah baca kok. Envy kan envy? Agnes upload foto ini di twitter bukannya mau pamer kalo dia temenan sama Siwon. Siwon minta tolong Agnes buat nyampein keinginannya untuk hadir di KIMCHI. Waaaah Siwon unyu banget deh, bener-bener mikirin ELF.

Kesannya telat banget ya gue posting ini, tapi posting ini sifatnya bukan menginfomarsikan kok hehe :) Well, I'm not really ELF, but I really admire Siwon in Super Junior, and it would be great if I have a fellowship with him like Agnes does. I know it is impossible for an ordinary girl like me but you know what, Justin Bieber follows me on my Twitter and I don't lie. It proves that nothing in this world is impossible, Agnes and Siwon are friend, Justin Bieber follows my Twitter account, my friend, Vina met her favorite band, Vierra. With no arrogance in my heart, what's yours? :) I hope it makes you more happy to face your day :)

If Siwon is already Agnes', then Taemin, do you want to be my friend? Actually, I'm Shawol.


Long Time No See You

I have just went home tonight and I will post something relate to me and my friend. 2 days ago she texted me and asked me to hangout at Wednesday. She wanted to tell alotta stories and actually so do I.

Well, this noon we went to the mall in my town and bought some Takoyakis as our meal and two cups of tea. We took a sit in the food court and started to buzzing. Twas really crowded there and we needed to shout at each other. Many times later, boredom atmosphere attacked us and I asked her to take some pics together. Long time no take some pics with her, we have our own business so we don't have a time for hang out.

Toilet, mirror, doll store, stationery store are the places where we took some photos. Oh yes, her name is Vina, she is my schoolmate, my classmate, and my deskmate (no soulmate). Today, she dressed like a bohemian girl with her headband. Well, there are too much photos and I just publish some of them, I don't think that I need to upload it all. You know, looking those photos are remind me with SNSD's MV entitled Kissing You. Dominated by pastel pink :)

Thank you for reading :)


Replace And Enjoy It

It's not about a big thing actually.

Aku cuma mengganti kolom CHAT BOX ku yg semula Shout Mix jadi Cbox. Awalnya pakai Shout Mix gara-gara hasutan seorang teman. Dia bilang, Shout MIx lebih banyak kelebihannya daripada Cbox. Walaupun dia gak cerita secara detailnya, aku percaya aja, toh dia sudah lebih dahulu sangat sukses di blognya.

Eh setelah lamaaaaaaa sekali memperhatikan, pake Shout Mix tuh susah buat memnatau siapa aja yg udah leave their footprints on my blog. Kalau gitu kan, akunya yang kesusahan mau visit back blog mereka. Akhirnya, malam ini, setelah memposting tentang Fauzi Baadila, I decided to delete my Shout Mix and replace it with Cbox :)

Don't feel any doubt to leave your message on my new CHAT BOX. Walaupun masih kosong, bukan berarti gak ada yg pernah singgah untuk baca kok, message sebelumnya udah kehapus bersama CHAT BOX yg lama :)

Good Night :D

I'm Definitely Envy With You

Mosi-mosi :D Watashi wa Veny desu. Hajimemashite. - Oke, aku tau pembukaannya aneh banget, er bukannya aneh, itu kan bahasa Jepang. Hanya aja gak biasa pake opening kaya gitu dan kesannya gak nyambung sama judul postingan. Believe me, you'll skip the weird opening when you see these pictures esp for Shawol.

Nah itu di foto pertama ada si ganteng Minho-SHINee sama Fauzi Baadila berangkulan. Yak, kamu gak salah baca, Fauzi Baadila berangkulan sama Minho (whaaaaaaat?). Ooh gak, mereka bukan maho antar negara. Eh tapi ya ampun, gue minder banget liat foto ini, sumpah dua jari dah! Belum lagi di foto kedua, Fauzi Baadila kembali berangkulan dengan Taemin-SHINee. Kyaaaaa Taemin!!!! Gak terima juga awalnya liat foto ini bahkan gue berencana meng-hack Twitter nya Fauzi Baadila. Tapi berhubung gak tau passwordnya, niat itu urung gue lakuin (?).

Nah, kenapa si Fauzi bisa foto sama Minho dan Taemin? Apakah Fauzi lagi konser di Korea dan kebetulan ketemu mereka? (Belakangan gue inget Fauzi bukan seorang penyanyi, bahkan dia gak punya boyband). Setelah tanya kesana kemari dan browsing di Mbah Google, ternyata si Fauzi ini bukan jelangkung karena dia datang ke Korsel karena diundang. Jadi gini lho, KBS World lagi ultah ke-8 dan mereka ngundang 2 artis Indonesia buat berpartisipasi dalam acara Dream Team. Itu lho, salah satu reality show yang populer di Korsel, Hyoyeon-SNSD juga pernah ikutan disini lho. Nah, karena ini acara ulang tahunnya KBS, semua artis perwakilan di Asia di undang dan Indonesia termasuk dalam daftar undangan. Yang beruntung ya si Fauzi Baadila ini sama Kinaryosih. Untung ya yg foto si Fauzi, kalo Kinaryosih yg foto bareng sama mereka berdua, korek api ini akan jadi saksi bisu musnahnya foto Kinar dan Minho-Taemin (oke, gue bercanda, lagian Kinar udah ada suami kok). Intinya tetep aja, gue jealous berat sama foto ini, kenapa bukan gue? KENAPAAA? (Kenapa coba?)

Tapi tenaaang, Trans 7 yang baik hati bakal menayangkan acara ini di salah satu programnya yaitu, Wisata Malam, Fauzi Baadila juga host acara ini lho. Jadi buat ngobatin kegalauan kita semua, bisa liat tayangannya di Wisata Malam, hari Jumat, 10/06/2011 pukul 24.00 di Trans 7. Oia, buat ELF, ntar juga ada Shindong, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk nya Super Junior lho :D

Akhir kata, "HEY KBS! INVITE ME TOO!"


Postingan Konfirmasi Dalam Bahasa Nasional

Hello there :D Hari ini mau posting ah, pake bahasa Indonesia. Ada tujuannya sih, menanggapi komentar yang sering berseliweran di telinga mengenai blog ini. Ini blog ku, blog yang kubuat waktu aku di kelas 10 SMA. Waktu itu guru TIK ku meminta kami semua untuk membuat blog sebagai perkenalan aja. Nah, aku sendiri udah tau apa itu blog dan gimana penggunaannya tapi kalau urusan otak atik template, design dan sebagainya yg berhubungan dengan HTML, maaf saja, aku bukan ahlinya.

Kalau kamu kebetulan pembaca blog ini dan pernah melihat posting pertamaku, komentar pertama pasti begini, "Gak mutu bangeeet.". Well, itu terserah karena tiap orang punya pendapat masing-masing kan :) Awalnya aku gak terlalu tertarik untuk mengisi blogku dengan macam-macam tulisan. Apa yang mau ditulis? Curhatan? Terimakasih, saya lebih percaya pada Tuhan dan makhluk hidup untuk urusan ini. Ngeri aja curhayan mu dibaca orang gak dikenal (itu juga kalau ada yg baca sih). Well, tapi bukannya aku gak pernah posting tentang kehidupan sehari-hari lho (gak munafik kok). Hanya aja yang aku ceritain pengalaman standar dan bukannya curhatan hati terdalam (eaaaa).

Lama gak buka blog jadi kangen apalagi pada waktu itu aku blog-blog bagus seperti kepunyaan Diana Rikasari. Aku sedikit terobsesi sama blog nya yg cute itu. Lalu aku sempat memposting salah satu outfitku hanya karena ingin seperti dia, well, Diana memang seorang fashion blogger. Tapi gak nyaman juga, it's really out of my field. Nmaun deri beberapa pengamatan, blog-blog lucu yang aku tahu, semuanya menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai bhasa untuk postingan mereka. I'm lil bit obsessed. Aku punya kemampuan kok, jadi coba aja hehe :) Walau gitu akau sadar kok dengan postinganku selama ini yg hampir sebagian besar gak ngikutin kaidah grammar. Aku gak sebodoh itu, selama ini aku hanya pakai feeling dalam berbahasa Inggris dan harusnya aku tau feeling tak selamanya benar (termasuk menerapkannya dalam ujian Bhs. Inggris). Yang aku tau selama ini, teman-temanku menghargai kemampuan Bhs.Inggrisku yg lumayan baik :)

Soooooo, kalau memang ada yg keberatan dengan penggunaan bahasa ku selama ini untuk posting blog, aku minta maaf. Aku tau kemampuanku jauh dari kata sempurna. Awalnya hanya ingin mencoba menjadi seperti mereka yg punya blog bagus :) Takut juga sih dianggap sebagai anak-sotoy-tapi-gak-tau-grammar, bukannya gak tau, hanya belum mahir. Lagipula, blog ini juga tempat aku belajar melatih kemampuan writing ku :) Insya Allah, sejak posting ini di publish, aku gak akan pake bahasa Inggris untuk semua postinganku, sesekali pakai bahasa nasional, bahasa Indonesia (well, itu juga kalau kamu peduli hehe).

Happy posting!!!!! :D


I Want Fairy Dust as My Birthday Gift

Good day! Actually today is my birthday and I think there's no something special. Yesterday was so tiring day and I woke up this morning with blank mind and I did not realize that today is my birthday. I mean what's so special? I don't like being celebrated. I don't like in the crowded. You might think that I never celebrate my birthday and that's true. And now, you might think that my life so pathetic with no care from my parents. Well, it ain't totally wrong. Sometimes I think that my life's so pathetic then I realize that my life is full of people who love me and it amuses me. I just don't like my birthday being celebrated but it doesn't mean that I'm party hater or kinda that.

Well, enough for expose my opinion. It's time to tell a story of today. Alotta my friends sent me a happy birthday text in the morning and I thank to them. Knowing your friends remember your birthday is exciting, I swear. It makes me feel that I'm not forgotten hahahha. Then, I opened my social network and I found alotta greetings on my page. Thank you all :D

Birthday is similar with gift. If you ask, "Deeply from your heart, what do you want as the gift today?" Well, I have no idea but I want a bottle of fairy dust right now. I know this ain't a dreamland where your dream comes true easily. Just imagine it hahahaha, okay? There're too much hopes to purpose and perhaps fairy dust would make it true magically. Repeat after me, just imagine! What do you do if you have a bottle of fairy dust? *thinking* Here're the list of my hopes :)
  • I wish I get a college as soon as possible by joining SNMPTN.
  • I wish I get Economy Faculty.
  • I wish I get the scholarship.
  • I wish I'm taller than now.
  • I wish I could speak English fluently.
  • I wish I have alotta money.
  • I wish I could make my parents proud of me.
  • I wish I'm the lucky girl.
I think there's no space left if I type all of my hopes here hehehhe. Though I know it's impossible to get a bottle of fairy dust -I'm not sure the existence of it even-, but I know I have a strength to make it true with pray and effort. Believe in my dreams and never say never. Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :D


Lovely Advices for Your Personality

Good morning ya'll :D (it's morning in my country) Keep smiling and spirit! :)
Yes, it sounds a common quote that you always heard from Twitter or anything else. But if you want to make that "sentences" become "the mood booster", just move on! I mean, it's so meaningless if every morning you read that quote and keep retweeting on your twitter but you do nothing. Behave the good ones and it would change your personality better. I think it's not difficult unless you're a "yesterday person". Well, these ways maybe would help you to escape from "Moaning Morning Syndrome" :D

  1. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
  2. Don’t have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
  3. Don’t over do. Keep your limits.
  4. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
  5. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip.
  6. Dream more while you are awake.
  7. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
  8. Forget issues of the past. Don’t remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
  9. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don’t hate others.
  10. Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present.
  11. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
  12. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
  13. Smile and laugh more.
  14. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.



Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York kimama ni sekai wo drive tonight
Kakuchi de hirou suru new style
Mita koto nai mono dake misetageru
Hora kocchi wo mite sukoshi keikai SEYO!
Ano hidariHANDORU yori nanbaimo
I'm so fast

Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Oitsukenai SUPIIDO de
Nee tsuitekureru no?
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Hikarikagayaku kedo furerarenai no
Masa ni supersonic 'n hypertonic
Ubatte hoshii no you take me ima sugu
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Kedo kantan ni wa ikanai no yo

Machi no hi ga maru de shooting star
Tsugi no mokutekichi made non-stop
ENJIN on dake nokoshite
Dashi boja ushirode de say goodbye
Hora yosomi shinaide bouken SEYO
Ano migiHANDORU yori mo tashika yo
I'm so sure

Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Oitsukenai SUPIIDO de
Nee tsuitekureru no?
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Hikarikagayaku kedo furerarenai no
Masa ni supersonic 'n hypertonic
Ubatte hoshii no you take me ima sugu
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Kedo kantan ni wa ikanai no yo

One, two, three here we go

Dokoedemo (anywhere) jiyuujizai yo (anywhere)
Sou uchuu no (anywhere) hate de sae mo (anywhere)
Negai doori na no yo
Doushite fuan na no?
And I don't know why and I don't know why (don't know why)
Tsuitekite yo ne
I don't wanna say goodbye, goodbye (goodbye, don't wanna say goodbye)

Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Oitsukenai SUPIIDO de
Nee Tsuitekureru no?
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Hikarikagayaku kedo furerarenai no
Masa ni supersonic 'n hypertonic
Ubatte hoshii no you take me ima sugu
Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi soutou jeukshi jeukshi jeukshi
Kedo kantan ni wa ikanai no yo


50 Facts About Me

Hulalalala!! Long time no post here and I miss this blog so much :) As you can see at the title above, if you're Twitter user, you're absolutely know that it had been one of the trending topic in Twitter. I really want to make it in my version but I'm afraid I would be a spammer in my Twitter timeline. That's why I choose my blog to express it. Prepare yourself for this one. Let's enjoy! :))

  • I was born in Surabaya, the capital city of East Java, Indonesia.
  • My mommy almost did caesar surgery to bear me.
  • My grandmother from my daddy is a Chinese, she moved from Khong Hu Cu to Moslem.
  • My grandfather from my mommy is a noble from Temanggung.
  • Everybody who doesn't know me well is guess that I'm a Christian. I'm Moslem :)
  • When I was child, I swallowed a bolt and fortunately my parents could take it out.
  • When I was child, I'd like to pour the baby powder on my bleeding knee. I know it doesn't help but I'm afraid with Betadine.
  • When I was child, a bee was stunk my lips :( It looks sexy now :p
  • When I was child, I don't like new people.
  • When I was child, I got a road accident and my left ear was bleeding because it torn into apart.
  • From that day on, I don't brave to cross the road alone.
  • I have a scar on my forehead because of that road accident.
  • My favorite songs when I was 5 y/o are Britney Spears' , Backstreet Boys' , Aqua's, Toy Box's and Vengaboy's. Because my mommy bought it and I listened it almost everyday.
  • I liked Linkin Park since I was on the 4th grader of elementary school.
  • I liked rap music since I was on the 4th grader of elementary school.
  • I didn't like girl's stuff when I was child that's why I dressed up like a boy.
  • And now, I really like the girl's stuff.
  • I wore a sunny when I was on the 6th grader of elementary school.
  • I never got the 1st rank in my class when I was on the elementary school, my highest rank on that time is the 2nd rank.
  • I finished to read the 5th book of Harry Potter in 2 days when I was on the 5th grader.
  • I prefer Rupert Grint to Daniel Radcliffe. But both of them are handsome :)
  • My first favorite K-drama is Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang.
  • I love at the first sight when I was on the 7th grader at junior high school with that boy. wkwkwkwkwk :D
  • My otaku's name is Airi Haninozuka.
  • One of my favorite anime's song is Just Communication.
  • I have a friend who has a similar face with Kevin Aprilio and he liked me at 6th grader. Wkwkwk :p
  • I never have a long hair except when I was on the 8th grader.
  • I'm easy to cry.
  • My parents gave me handphone when I was on the 4th grader.
  • My first-freaky hug from my boy-friend is when I was on the kindergarten, he taught that I'm chubby -____- I was REALLY shock.
  • I hate spiders.
  • I love seafood.
  • I prefer Squidward to SpongeBob.
  • My first pet is a cat named Nuno, he was Angora look alike.
  • From that day on, I love cat so much.
  • My first favorite anime is Card Captor Sakura.
  • I still drink a glass of milk until now.
  • I always got a carsick when I have a journey.
  • I like spicy food.
  • My favorite lesson is English but actually I don't really understand the use of grammar.
  • I prefer sunny to soft-lens.
  • Introvert sometimes.
  • Pretending like I'm sick is my habit when I was in the kindergarten.
  • According to me, roller coaster is a big mistake.
  • I often perform on the stage to show Indonesia traditional dancing when I was child.


SNSD - Hoot

Nun kkambbak hal sai neon tto Check it Out~!
Jina ganeun yeojadeul geuman jom bwa
Anin cheok motdeureun cheok, gashi bakhin kouseum, isanghae da da da

Jogeum man naege chinjeol hamyeon eottae, mu ttukttuk han maltu neomu apa nan
Ireon ge iksok haejyeo, ganeun geon jeongmal shilheo, soksanghae da da da

Eodil chyeoda bwa, nan yeogi itneunde

Neottae mune nae maeum eun, gabot ibgo ijen naega matseo julge
Ni hwasareun Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! nareul no ryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! naneun hoot! hoot! hoot!

Dogi bae in ni mare na, sangcheo ibgodo dashi jundu beonjjae Chance
Neon yeokshi Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! ttaereul noryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! naneun hoot! hoot! hoot!

Dareun yeoja ye hamjeonge puk bbajyeot dani?
Byeonmyeong kkeut! neon ajikdo jeongshin mot charigo itji
Geu taedoro joheun, yeoja mot mannal geoda, yeongwonhi neon. neon. neon

Chakgak mara neon, kyupideu ga anya (neo malya)

Neottae mune nae maeum eun, gabot ibgo ijen naega matseo julge
Ni hwasareun Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! nareul no ryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! naneun hoot! hoot! hoot!

Dogi bae in ni mare na, sangcheo ibgodo dashi jundu beonjjae Chance
Neon yeokshi Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! ttaereul noryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! naneun hoot! hoot! hoot!

Mulsoge seo tteuryeo myeon gara antge
Naega maldeun Circle neoneun gak jige
Mudji anheun mare daedabman tto hae
Geuraedo nan neocheoreom hwasareun an sseulge

Neottae mune nae maeum eun, gabot ibgo ijen naega matseo julge
Ni hwasareun Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! nareul no ryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! naneun hoot! hoot! hoot!

Dogi bae in ni mare na, sangcheo ibgodo dashi jundu beonjjae Chance
Neon yeokshi Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! ttaereul noryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! naneun hoot! hoot! hoot!