Sudden Circus Show

Hello there! I'm home alone now and nothing interest here. I came home early because today is exam day (until two weeks later) in my school. Well, I want to share about me and my classmates did two days ago, a day before the beginning of exam day :)

That day is Tuesday. After we did some accounting task and heard about the history lesson (actually I read novel below my table :b). Then, we went to computer laboratory and got nothing. With a lazy faces, we went back to the class, but some boys stayed on canteen. Skip and skip! I forgot some parts on that day hehehehe ;b The main part of this story or this posting is the boys in my class. They usually played cards behind the class and cursed each other (boys...-_-) I was reading the novel while the noise began behind the class. I tried to find the case and voila! The boys became a group of sudden circus :p hehehehhe. Check these out :D

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