Happy New Year and The Resolutions


I still remember, a year ago, how I spent my new year night by stu-dying :lol: physics in Odit's home. Yea, we were in exam, exam in the last week of 2009, GREAT!
Forget it, we are in 2010 now and I was not studying physics anymore :D

So, have you became a new person in this year? No no, you do not need to change your face into someone else. I mean new behavior, new mind, new plan, new goal, new boyfriend/girlfriend :haha:

Okay serious, some people like to make their list-to-do for new year or sometimes I called it "the resolutions". Ya! The resolutions for our future, but for what, huh? We need to mend our sins in the past, you do not want to fall in the same chasm, right? Trying to never do foolish again, all you need is change, positive changing of course. Celebrating 2010 by joining a great party but no plan for the future means nothing, useless. New year, new hope, new achievement.

Start to thinking about what you really want to gain in this year, a lot of hopes, right? Just organized it, what is the hope that you want to gain the most and pick it in the first. It could helps you be more on fire to reach it :) But do not thinking about the impossible thing that you can not do it by yourself. Ex, 2010, I have to fly with my wings, OMG, even you do not have the wings. Change it into, 2010, I have to create a new air-transportation and fly with it :) you are genius! Remember this, just because you are in the land, it does not mean you can not reach the sky :D

Got difficulty to think about what you are really want? Start with little thing. Ex, remembering all of your mistakes that you did in the past and make a promise by your own self, you will not repeat the same mistakes in this year. Maybe, do something new is a good idea, if in the past you never dare to have a different appearance among your friends, you have to do it in 2010! They are laughing on you? They are mocking on you? They do not like your different style? Whatever they say, you are you, no one can directing you, who do you think you are? :hehe, lil arrogant ok la: You are the trendsetter, they just the followers ;)

NEW STEP FOR YOUR FUTURE! NEW LEAF FOR YOUR LIFE! toeeeet.. (sound of trumpet)


  1. it's not leaf but leap...

    this articLe is good, but u must bcarefuL with words that u use...

    jia yao...

  2. no, i mean leaf :)
    thx for the critic, you know i am still beginner :p