Drink! For Healthy

Hurray! This evening, I made a carrot juice by myself. I just remembered that my mom bought it for me and saved it in the refrigerator, and this evening I found it :D

So, after I took a bath this evening, I took the carrots and peeled it immediately. Poor me, damn! I'm a girl and I can't peel it off by my hand. But I never give up until I can drink it, yeaaa \m/ :LOLZ:

A half later, I finished all my efforts to peeled it off then I just remembered that I forget where's my mom keep the blender. I started to look for it, oh my God, gimme a clue. Tadda! Eureka! Eureka! (hahaha) The blender is kept away inside the buffet and I opened with happily. But, that happy face turned into screamed face when I got a lot of spiders and spider webs. Yaiks! I don't like these disgusting animal. Aaaaarrgh! I ran and jumped into the outside and I got my mom with her confused face because of me.

Thank you God :D I told it all to my mom and asked for her help to take the blender out for me. She just nodded her head and accompanied me to the buffet. And I couldn't let my eyes to see that, she was too dare to take it out. Yaiks! I just could wipe my skin to skip away my paranoid.

Hoho, I cut the carrots into pieces then I pour it together with some water and three spoons of honey into the blender. Click! I pressed the button and rrrrr rrrrr rrrrrr!! The sound of the blender. And it made my mom warn to me to add more water so the blender don't make too much noises.

Finally, the carrot juice was ready to drink :) You know, I type this post with a glass of carrot juice accompany me.

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