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Do you like to take a photo? I mean not take a pic of you with some poses like say cheese or something like that. I mean, you take the attractive object around you and click it with your cam. Sometimes, you don't need to wait a beautiful moment to take a pic. Be creative guys! Just look around you and use your imagine and skill. Example, you see a glass of ice tea in your table. As you know, in the outside of the glass always there are some dews, because the are some ices on the glass. With a sense of imagine, you'll see that the glass is so sweaty. Of course, the sweats is the dews. And now, use your skill. You can make this object become attractive by taking a pic with appropriate angel. If you use DSLR cam, you can choose a zoom technique to make this object become catchy. Just arrange your zoom lens and focus on the object, it can make the other object around it looks blur. So the message of the pis is clear because you focus your lens into the object. You can put a title, "The Tired Glass", because it is so sweaty.

And this is the important one. If you want a best result on your photo, be more dare! What does it mean? Ya, the attractive objects are similar to a dangerous condition and hard to take it. Sometimes, it forces you to be more close to the object and placed you into inconvenience condition. As you can see into the pic above, she lets her in the flood just because she wants to the best result on her pics. And you know what? My photograph teacher always said that if you want to make a good pic with your own cam, the best tips is by taking a look at the good pics from the famous photographer, browse it on Google :)

Finally, there are no any difficulties to take a good pics, as long as you want to effort it and more practice :)

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