Domestica short-haired Cat

Hello Cat-licious! I want to share a lil bit information for you. As usual, once a month, I always try to post the article about the cat. So let's check it :)
Hey, have you ever take care about a lot of cats around you? Yea, they are on the roof, on the market, on your garden, or maybe on the sidewalk. Those cats called domestica short-haired cat. For your information, it has 5 varieties such as calico cat, maltese cat, mackerel tabby cat, bi colour cat and black solid cat. Sounds unfamiliar for you? Prepare yourself for this article :)

First, a calico cat. This cat has 3 colours of fur such as black, white and light brown. I'm not sure for this but most of the calico cat is female. I don't know why but tabby is seem more cute if it has 3 kind of that colours. In Indonesia, calico cat called "telon".
Second, a maltese cat. I think this cat is an elegant one among the others. Why? It has a gray fur like a persian cat (you know how elegant they are). But, it is so difficult to find a maltese cat around us :(
Third, mackerel tabby cat. Heey, this is the cute one! :) You know, the fur is gray-blackish with a lot of dark strips around them. Sometimes they have a good body-shape, I think they are sexy even! :p
Fourth, a bi colour cat. What does it mean? These cats has 2 colours in their fur such as black and white, light brown and white, etc. And of course you can find them anywhere. I ever had this one when I was 10 :)
The last, a black solid cat. Wew! I know you guys have known about this one. A black solid cat always similar to a black magic. Remember, witch's friend is a black solid cat. This cat also has a scary face-expression.

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