I Dreamed and You Did

Hello readers!
Yesterday, I guess (maybe 2 days ago or 3 days ago or a month ago? whatever lah) as I remember, I dreamed about Trian, the drummer of Vierra. Yea, Trian, I met him on my dream hahhaha. I dreamed that I got a photo with him, suddenly the the voice of my mom woke me up. Still amazed with my own dream, then I checked my handphone, maybe I really really succeed took a photo with him and I got NOTHING (of course laah, you were dreaming, how silly I am). In the school I told about my dream to Vina, she is Vierrania. She said maybe my dream will be comes true, sooooon (great!). I don't know why but, since I told her all, she made a signs on her hand. Check these pictures below, these is her hand, I swear.

Don't ask me about that clips bracelet. Good night readers :)


  1. oh pls itu telapakku kenapa ada bercak coklatnya? ----_-

  2. bercak coklat yang mana deh bin? lebai ih, daki kali hahahha