The Assasin

Hi there, I post this with tears on my eyes :'(
I've just lost my lovely rabbit, his name is Bunny.

I still remember the first time I bought him, he was so small and cute. He had a soft fur so that everyone want to have him as their pet, so do I. And after the bargaining, I could take him home :D Yaaay I love him.
Then, still brought the cage, I thought about the name. Accidently, that day, my friends and I watched Japan animation movie about rabbit on the class and the main actor was a rabbit named Bostasky. Immediately, I gave him Bostasky as his name, and after for a while I thought that name is too peculiar to the cute rabbit like him. Then I chosed another option, Usagi. Usagi means rabbit in Japan language and I thought that's too feminine to him. -___-" Well and the final result is Bunny, yes, I felt straight on it.

And this is the worst part between us, he left me forever :'( I always think that it was my fault. That afternoon, after STAN tryout, I went to grandma's house and I came home at 5.00 p.m. :'(
I left him for7 hours without foods :'( and it was a bad day with a terrific rain. In the morning, Bunny didn't want to eat something, my mom said, "Bunny is sick." :'''''''(

After three days, he still didn't want to eat anything and the worst accident is happen. I came late to home and checked his condition. He couldn't stand his body anymore, just lying on his cage. The tears came out from my eyes, I take it out from his cage and touched him gently. He moved his head although it's heavy. I couldn't bear again and did everything to safe his life. Since that accident, I realized that all I do such a silly thing :'( I tried to open his mouth then gave him some water, I hoped it works. After a second, I just realized he left me forever :'( I killed him, I killed him. I can't stop thinking that it was my fault. Crying all over night until two days later :'(

Well, goodbye Bunny, you are always on my mind. (sorry too much sad icons)

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