Finally I Yelled "RESULT!"

Alhamduillah :D
Big thanks to Allah SWT, my Lord.

Yes!! I passed the SNMPTN 2011. My dream came true and I got a sudden insomnia that night. You know, the announcement was appear on SNMPTN's website on 29th of June at 7 o'clock. Twas a big moment for me and for my family.
Damn! Internet Connection on my home didn't work well, it needed too many times to load the page. I was trying to understand this problem, everybody wanted to know the result at the same time and I just hoped for the best.
30 minutes later, and there was no a progress. *sigh* My father gave the solution, he asked me to go to his office, the internet connection is better than mine.
Together we went there and I felt my heart beat louder.

We were about arrived there then my mommy called my cellphone. *What's on? I hope a good news*
I click the button and be quiet, I heard a noisy on the other side then my mommy spoke loudly on the phone, "You got it!!"

I couldn't believe it then I checked it by my self. Tadaaaaa....

Alhambulillah. RESULT! Taxation Faculty of Brawijaya University. Kyaaaaaa!! :D
Twas an exciting moment on my life. You know, there were so many rivals and alhamdulillah Allah gave what I want. Thank you Allah.

What I have to do know? Let me make a list first :)
a. Don't forget to Allah
b. Just down to earth
c. Completing the requirements
d. Looking for the dormitory asap
e. Preparing all the stuffs of mine

Seems it is too late to share the happiness and I think it doesn't matter :)
Well everybody, HAPPY JULY! :D