A Humble Dream For Them

Hello everybody :D
Long time no post here and I just feel like blah :p All these college preparations are so tired me up, too many files should be fulfilled on time and so on lah. LOL

Well, it is so waste my time and I don't have enough time to share something here, no inspiration rise on my mind. I just too busy to think about my new college and the Ospek. Ospek is Orientasi Mahasiswa, it's kinda activity which is hold in the beginning of the year os school or college. The activity is about introduction the college environment to all new students. Hmm, I don't wanna discuss it deeper cz today I try to forget that for a while. It gets me frustated *sigh*

Today I just want to share my humble dream *gigling* Uhm, perhaps this is not a humble dream since it needs a bunch of money, hehe. *What is it? Tell me, tell me*
Several years ago, I have ever dreamed about keeping all the wild cats. For some people, it is such an idiot dream, yeah I understand. But for me, it is a fun activity since I love them so much.

I almost forget this dream because of some reasons, but this afternoon I felt the flaming spirit on my mind *hahaha* Why oh why? Today I saw my television and I know there're some girls have the same interest like me and they're purpose it. Yes, they like cat so much and they spend their money to feeding the wild cats. As what I said before, you can't call it a humble dream but this is a precious dream if you could purpose it :p

And now I feel the flare burning my spirit. What do I do? Let me check my condition first :)
a. I don't have a job beside a student
b. High dependancy to my parents about money
c. I know everything needs money
d. I can't earn money in my age now
e. I have to focus on my study to get a better job

Seems it would be useless then I think the solutions :)
a. Manage my monthly-money as wise as possible
b. Keep some money to buy a medium sacks of cat snack
c. Divide it into some boxes, and bring one box in the bag
d. Find the cat on the road? Share a bunch of cat snack and give it to the cat
e. Do it everyday

Wahahaha, I find the solution. You know, I just think of it and I feel so happy right now. Bismillah, I hope I could purpose this humble-but-not-too-humble dream asap, LOL.

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