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Hello (again) -_-

I post twice in a day, I don’t know why, maybe I’ve left this blog so long and now I miss it so damn much.

I’ve done my first Final Exam as a female college student and it was’t exciting. Because this is my first semester, I still have a short schedule of examination, 4 days, 7 subjects. First day, I faced it without any latticeworks, so I tried hard on this day, Religion and English. I finished my religion book on one night and it works, alhamdulilah. And then, English time, there were 2 parts of questions and we had to choose one of them. I decided to do the first part, it seemed so easy, easier than TOEIC test. Hahaha.

Second day, Citizenship Education and Organization Theory and Administration. These subject forced me to provide a large capacity on my brain. I had to memorize all the materials, the lecturer didn’t want to give us a latticeworks. Fine. We always find the way (evil laugh). Asking a lot of friends, trying to find the latticeworks then I did it. I could pass the second day with a little smile, well, some questions are same with latticeworks, but most of them were totally different. GRAAAWWR!!

This is the most annoying day, Taxation and Bahasa Indonesia. Well, my Bahasa Indonesia’s lecturer was a kind-hearted woman, she let us to get the latticeworks from her, we only answer it at home and memorize it. Simple. The big problem is Taxation. All the Taxation lecturers didn’t want to say anything about the questions. Seemed they’d made an agreement to not to spread the questions among the students. THANKS. IT GOT ME FRUSTATED. BUNGEE JUMPING THEN! Then, the day had come. It was a totally terrible Taxation Examination, the most difficult questions, they asked us to make an short article even!! (At least a half of folio, or more). TRIPLE GRAAAAWWR!!! MERDE!!

The last day, Accounting I. Honestly, this is my favo subject, luckily I got a super duper genius lecturer. But his assignments are annoying and force us to be a diligent student. And the problem is, the exam would take manufacturing company as one of its questions. HAA? He hasn’t given us the detail explanation of manufacturing company. He only explained the differences between manufacturing company and trading company. OHMYGOD! SAVE MY ACCOUNTING EXAMINATION :’(

I’m not sure that I’ve passed all the days well, but I’ve done my best, just don’t talk about examination anymore. I want to enjoy my days-off before the new semester begin. New semester, new subjects, new atmosphere. New buddies? I don’t think so, I still hope I would get the same class with my buddies from my old class, Sarah a.k.a Oel and Nadya a.k.a Si Anak Mulia.

Well, does anyone know how to do KRS?

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