Convo Class And Dora The Explorer

Sooo, today is my first time to come in the convo class held by Formasi, english club of university level. You know, I have a big problem to speak English fluently in front of people. Every students who come in this convo class is forced to speak up in front of the other students. Okay, this is conversation class but I feel like in the public speaking class. When the senior gave us some advices to speak fluently, I really want to say that I've already tried all his ways to make us speak up, but still no big result (for me). I always speak in front of the mirror, I laways act like a nut when I'm lonely in the room by speaking English alone. Yes! Alone! And it works only on that time, I can speak fluently in English. Then he said that we need to have a friend which good in speaking English. Yeah, I have some and I always try to act like an American when I speak to her, and it is so easy, no difficulty. But it become so different when the condition forces me to speak in front of audiences, or to the senior that more expert than me. I become so nervous, my heart beats faster, I got my hand so cold and I just speak blah blah blah. Poor me :(

And now the time for sharing my experience today in my first convo class. After introducing and warming up, the senior divided us into 5 groups and asked us to make a short drama, and every actor/actress has to speak. He only gave us 15 minutes for discussing. Thankyou -_-
After 5 minutes, we decided to take one of the Dora The Explorer's episodes as our drama. And you know what, the leader in my team picked me as Dora since I have a short hair. Thankyou very much.
I don't know why but finally we got the first turn to show our drama. Just imagine how nervous I am! But I could pass it through well, uhm, not to well I think. Because I made some blockings and spoke not too clearly, once again, those are my opinion, I don't know how the adjudicators see our team.
But in the end, the senior announced the top 3 speakers on this week and believe it or not, I got the third grade :) So happy but it doesn't make me so arrogant anyway. At least, they confess my existence in the world, hahaha, how hyperbole I am.

Okay, this is not a good ending for today's posting but, happy speaking everybody :D

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