Thinking Inside The Box part II

This is my second posting with the same theme, thinking inside the box. Why? Y U NO BORED? *9GAG's style*
No, this is not about the boredom it self but it is awkward to find this kind of pic while I still thinking inside the box at debate class. So, there was a debate class today in AEC and unfortunately I got the class in the same time. But the fortune was on my side tonight, the lecturer couldn't come on today's class *quickpartyontheclass*
Without a doubt, I went to the AEC basecamp and it was so crowded, wow, I never see the high enthusiasm in this debate class. Most of them are too afraid in debating and me too. Yes, I'm afraid in debating class but I always have a big willing to try something new. That's make me so extremely different with the others. Hahaha *evillaugh*

Okay, so tonight the senior gave us some extreme motions to debate, well, not too extreme for me since I often watching a good debate competition. He gave us transgender, suiciding, and pregnant student as the extreme motions. Okay it is so common in debating world but still, I couldn't deliver a deep and a good analyzing due to my habit, thinking inside the box. I'm not trying to blame my self anyway, since everything needs a process, even the diamond! But I hate how slow I am, it takes a long time for me to built a good argument. My senior has a good progress, and he said when he was a beginner, he also had a difficulty to make and deliver a good argument to the adjudicators. But I think he did it well, his team is adorable now, all of them are expert in debating. I'm proud as their junior and I don't think they proud of having a junior like me. Poor me, huhuhu :(

So, how long it takes to make me become a good debater?