hi everyone, back again with my draft.
i have thought and arranged it but i never don't know how to start it or how to express it on my blog.

i believe that all of you always have someone to share of and someone to do your crazy ideas together. A lot of speculation, it could be our mommy, our special friend, our sista or brotha, even our pet! Ok, just kidding about the pet.
But i want to tell about my fellowship, yea someone to share about my problem (how about my mom?). I don't know, i never really like to let her know my problem, i guess, it is more comfort to talk it with my friend and whatever about your choice :p

this is me and my classmate, Vina. I have known her since my first day on the elementary school. And we were on the same junior high school on the next grade. And now, we are on the same high school, two years in the same class! We like to imagine a foolish behavior of my friend who never occur in the fact and laugh it together. Sometimes we like to play truant when we almost die of boredom on the class :lol:

haha, still me with my friend, Decy. She is diligent and so narcis. Everywhere and everytime she always asks her friend to take a photo with her. And she never gets ashamed to do that in the crowded (omg). I like to tell some jokes with her and laugh it together. Yea, we like jokes so much and we laugh everyday. But we are not in the same class in this year, she chooses science class and she could not play truant like Vina and I always did :D (poor you)

Decy, Vina, and I. All of my friend usually called us "trio jamur", why? When we were on the tenth grade, we had the same haircut, short haircut like a mushroom. And it is impossible if we maintain our same haircut for along time, it is so boring you know. Now, i like to change my haircut like a boy with a bangs, Vina decides to cut her hair into shaggy model, and how about Decy? I am not talking about her, haha, because she keeps her hair grows everyday until it could sweeps the floor. :lol:

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