I Want Fairy Dust as My Birthday Gift

Good day! Actually today is my birthday and I think there's no something special. Yesterday was so tiring day and I woke up this morning with blank mind and I did not realize that today is my birthday. I mean what's so special? I don't like being celebrated. I don't like in the crowded. You might think that I never celebrate my birthday and that's true. And now, you might think that my life so pathetic with no care from my parents. Well, it ain't totally wrong. Sometimes I think that my life's so pathetic then I realize that my life is full of people who love me and it amuses me. I just don't like my birthday being celebrated but it doesn't mean that I'm party hater or kinda that.

Well, enough for expose my opinion. It's time to tell a story of today. Alotta my friends sent me a happy birthday text in the morning and I thank to them. Knowing your friends remember your birthday is exciting, I swear. It makes me feel that I'm not forgotten hahahha. Then, I opened my social network and I found alotta greetings on my page. Thank you all :D

Birthday is similar with gift. If you ask, "Deeply from your heart, what do you want as the gift today?" Well, I have no idea but I want a bottle of fairy dust right now. I know this ain't a dreamland where your dream comes true easily. Just imagine it hahahaha, okay? There're too much hopes to purpose and perhaps fairy dust would make it true magically. Repeat after me, just imagine! What do you do if you have a bottle of fairy dust? *thinking* Here're the list of my hopes :)
  • I wish I get a college as soon as possible by joining SNMPTN.
  • I wish I get Economy Faculty.
  • I wish I get the scholarship.
  • I wish I'm taller than now.
  • I wish I could speak English fluently.
  • I wish I have alotta money.
  • I wish I could make my parents proud of me.
  • I wish I'm the lucky girl.
I think there's no space left if I type all of my hopes here hehehhe. Though I know it's impossible to get a bottle of fairy dust -I'm not sure the existence of it even-, but I know I have a strength to make it true with pray and effort. Believe in my dreams and never say never. Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :D

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