Stupidity In Writing An Essay

I found my recount essay when I was in the 12th grader. The theme was holiday and I didn't tell my fun holiday. I was not in the mood to write this, I didn't care about the grammar even! (actually, that's my habit but this is an assignment from my English teacher). I added a question mark on the title, I swear, no lie.

I'll share my essay and if you're more expert in English, I allow you to correct this one. Enjoy!

Holiday (?)

Holiday is a nice word that we always expect as a student. A week ago was a holiday after the examination during 2 weeks. What a stressful days! And yes, I need to take a breath, I really need holiday.

But all that plans for my holiday seemed to be fade away because of my unpleasant schedule. I had just remembered that my lessons course held a final exam simulation for its students. That was a kind of simulation for us to prepare the National Final Exam. It was held for a week with a lot of difficult materials. Every morning, I had to read my text books and repeated the materials from the previous grade. Yes, I was too lazy to open my text books at night, the movies on the television were more interesting than them.

I realize that I'm a last year student in this high school so I have to prepare it earlier before it is too late. Faithfully, I joined all the Final Exam Simulation though it was so boring. Yes, boring! All that activities had spent my relax time in the holiday. Well, perhaps I can't call it a fun holiday because there is no time for me to forget some lessons for a while. No, I don't want to forget all, just for a while, I want to refresh my brain.

*Unattractive essay I think, I need more practice -____-

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