Smokey The Noise Maker

What is Smokey? Who is Smokey? Smokey beef?

Actually, Smokey is the name of the cat. She is female and 12 y/o. Seems there is no wrong with her but for your information this cat has a wonderful voice. I didn't say that she can sing a song, amazing because she has a very noisy voice in the world.

I think you have to put on your hands to cover your ears. Smokey produce her voice until 92 decibels and it's same with the voice from Boeing 737 when it taking-off. If you are 5 meters from her, the noisy is about 80 decibels. For your information, usually, cat only produces voice until 25 decibels. Now you can imagine how noisy she is!

Ruth and Mark Adams as the owner said that Smokey's voice is dominating in their house. It can muffled television and radio voices. The only time when there's no noisy is when Smokey is sleeping.

Just imagine if you have a cat like that or your neighbor have this one. Perhaps it has a cute face and soft fur but I bet you can't stand with its voice. It is really disturb your time and make your iPod and DVD home-theater are so useless. Cats are always cute and funny, I love them so damn, just like Katty Perry does :D But I wish I won't have a noisy cat like that but I didn't expect them to be disappeared.

God, make my wish comes true, amen.

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