Long Time No See You

I have just went home tonight and I will post something relate to me and my friend. 2 days ago she texted me and asked me to hangout at Wednesday. She wanted to tell alotta stories and actually so do I.

Well, this noon we went to the mall in my town and bought some Takoyakis as our meal and two cups of tea. We took a sit in the food court and started to buzzing. Twas really crowded there and we needed to shout at each other. Many times later, boredom atmosphere attacked us and I asked her to take some pics together. Long time no take some pics with her, we have our own business so we don't have a time for hang out.

Toilet, mirror, doll store, stationery store are the places where we took some photos. Oh yes, her name is Vina, she is my schoolmate, my classmate, and my deskmate (no soulmate). Today, she dressed like a bohemian girl with her headband. Well, there are too much photos and I just publish some of them, I don't think that I need to upload it all. You know, looking those photos are remind me with SNSD's MV entitled Kissing You. Dominated by pastel pink :)

Thank you for reading :)

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