Waiting Ain't Really Wasting

Hoyoyo long time no post here :) *Where are you going?* Just staying at home and being innocent -____-"

Weeeeeell, I can't stop thinking about the SNMPTN result on the last day of June. But, the issue says, "It will announce at 28 of June." What? What? Should I believe on that issue? And everybody says the same, my friends do even!!

I'm in waiting phase here and no one asks me to go out, enjoy the holiday. Almost die of boredom and nervous so damn. I'm too afraid to know the result but my curiosity is alive on my mind that makes me think of it all the time. Complicated. And now I suffer from shore throat and coughing all the time, great.

Things I have to do during this waiting phase :

1. Make the photoshoot with cute garments
No parents in the morning, just me and my sisters. It's the best time to pose in front of camera with cute garment and no intruder. Still on my mind because I'm lil bit lazy and I hate it. This is the best time and I shouldn't skip away. Next time, I'll back with some photos on my screen.

2. Praying
Of course, do it all the time. Bismillahirohmanirohim, I hope I could pass it through well, get the Brawijaya University as my college next so I would make my parents proud of me. I hope everybody include me, get a good news on 28 or 30 of June. Amin ya Rabb.

3. Studying
I just miss my social lessons when I was in the high school. I like to finish my sociology questions, economic questions. I still need deep-understanding on geography and history and accounting and mathematics. Fighting!!

4. Do some treatments
You know, we don't need to go to salon if we know the secret. It's not actually secret because you can browse it on Google, ask him anything not ask me. Love your body and mind and go find the secret of keeping our beauty inside and outside (no adv).

5. Blogging
Yeah! Blog is the best place for sharing anything with the limitation of course. I can't believe that I make a lot of posts in this month (it's more than any other months), as I told you before June is my waiting phase. Keep writing eh typing eh sharing!

Once again, I hope I could pass it through well and in the end I would yell together with my friends, "RESULT!". Amin ya Allah, amin.

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